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Summer school on Computer Science of DCC/PPGCC 1º/2020

About the event

Knowledge Area: Computer Science

Venue: Laboratório LAICO no CAD3- Campus UFMG- Belo Horizonte- MG


The summer school on Computer Science of DCC/PPGCC is a one-week school aimed at undergraduate as well as masters students. Its objectives are to disseminate the research and innovation produced in the Computer Science Department of UFMG. More information (program, housing, etc) can be found at the event’s web site
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Target Audience

Undergraduate or master’s students in Computer Science or related subjects.


does not apply

Official Site of the event


R$45,00 for registration before 12/31/2019, R$70 until 02/17/2020.

Forms of payment in view




Registration Cancellation Policy


Full return up to 30 days before the event and requested via email


Summer school on Computer Science of DCC/PPGCC 1º/2020

Course Dates: 17/02/2020 To 21/02/2020

Registration Dates: 01/10/2019 To 17/02/2020

Time: De 17/02/2020 a 21/02/2020, de 9h às 18h

Vagas: 300, sendo 0 para acompanhantes.

Nº mínimo para viabilização da turma: 80

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Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG

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Fundação de Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa - FUNDEP

CNPJ: 18.720.938/0001-41

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